Vino Mundo

Vino Mundo , a passion for travel and for wine !

Vino Mundo, a passion for Travel and Wine !

A Collection of Locally-Made Wine Tours by Terra

Caminos, rando, culture et rencontres

Vino Mundo is the culmination of an idea to bring together two passions: Travel and Wine. It’s also a hobby and above all an admiration for the men and women who work to produce this globally enjoyed elixir.


Discovering a new wine is to dive into an often completely unfamiliar sensory universe. Visually, our first impression already tells us a great deal, followed by the olfactory discovery which sometimes takes us far away from what we know, a complete change of scenery.


When it is time to taste the wine, we then learn to decipher the specific flavors of the terroir that the winemaker wants us to discover.

All the senses are astir. Then inevitably follows the conversation around wine tasting… Wine is clearly a catalyst for conviviality. In a word, it sharpens the pleasure of being together either as family, or between friends, or when meeting new people and simply sharing good times together!

That is also one of the “promises” of travel. Sometimes we go off to clear our heads, to find a change of scenery, discover new ways of life, or simply to relax and take care of ourselves!

In the end, travel and wine are cousins. They both call to the pleasure of the senses and this is perhaps simply their single common virtue. This pleasure is individual, and we try, as far as possible to find out what your ideal trip is and to adapt accordingly.

A ‘good’ wine isn’t necessary the same appeal to everyone. Some prefer simple, robust wines like Argentinian Malbec, others prefer more complex Pinotage as found in South Africa!

All our English-speaking experts based in Australia, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Portugal, and Croatia etc. are ready to help you and to give meaning to your trip.


Whether you’re single, in a couple, with your family, or with a group of friends, your expectations will be listened to, studied and we will do our best to respond to your passion for travel and wine.

As food for thought, we invite you to look at some of our crafted wine holidays in key destinations to inspire you for your next trip.


Bon voyage and cheers!

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