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Australia, the taste of Wine…

Quality Australian wine? Maybe you’re already smiling at the thought. But think again, as the land of kangaroos and koalas, of surf and barbecues on the beach, is one of the world’s largest exporters of wine. Although long associated with cheap, mass produced wine, Australia has in recent years become a known quantity, producing more and more unique and high quality wines.

The wave of European immigration and the entrepreneurial spirit of its producers have contributed to making Australia into one of the most important players in the global wine market in the past 15 years. In this gigantic country (14 times the size of France) a vast palette of wine types can be found.

Historically, the first Australian vineyards were established in New South Wales in the 1780s, followed by development in the states of Victoria and South Australia. These three regions now account for the majority of Australian production, but new players have emerged in recent decades, including Western Australia and Tasmania, which now offer top-class wines. In line with global trends, producers are currently exploring the cooler regions of this vast country, taking advantage of the various climates to produce unique and unusual wines.

There are 5 major wine regions, hosting a variety of types of grapes:

• South Australia: The area most renowned for wine production, its vineyards are world famous.

• Victoria: Sweet wines can be found here: Muscats, Muscadelle, and the famous Semillon. Victoria also produces red wines such as Pinot Noir, particularly in the Yarra Valley.

• New South Wales: Hunter Valley is also best-known for Semillon, but its Syrah and Chardonnay are also well known and appreciated across the globe.

• South Western: South of Perth you’ll find Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. In Coonawarra, winemakers have taken advantage of the very particular soil conditions – the limestone soil is red, and nicknamed “Terra Rossa” – to produce good sweet wines, for example, Riesling. The area surrounding the Margaret River is reputed for excellent white wines.

• Tasmania: This island is also home to many excellent vineyards and a wide variety of wines. In terms of white wine, Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon, and some traces of Gewurztraminer are all grown here. When it comes to red wines,  Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon, Merlot,  and Shiraz are predominant. The Tamar Valley has long been a favourite destination for wine lovers.

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Australia's great wine diversity

Australia's great wine diversity

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  • The great selection of vineyards characteristic of each region
  • Charming and unusual accommodation
  • A destination offering a great mix of culture oenology and gastronomy


During your trip, you will get to meet local producers from the finest wine regions who will share their expertise through delightful tastings.

Sémillon is a white grape variety originating in Gironde and used in the composition of great Sauternes and Graves wines, expressing fruity and floral aromas. Sémillon is cultivated worldwide in Australia (Hunter Valley) but also in Argentina, Chile and California.

Young, this grape has aromas of hazelnut, peach with notes of beeswax and acacia flowers. As it ages, it develops aromas of dried fruit, honey, mango and candied apricot. Thanks to its qualities, the Sémillon complements the Sauvignon, to which it brings roundness in the mouth.

Meeting with wine experts

Meeting with wine experts

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Our crafted Australia’s wine holidays will allow you to get close and personal with some charismatic wine masters and see their work, understand the whole process up to the wine tasting and ideal food combination, as you explore Hunter Valley near Sydney or Barossa Valley near Adelaide and discover new flavors to awake all your senses.

Each wine tasting will be served with the perfect combination of local cheese or other local products enhancing the unique flavor of the grape variety.

Unique Australian's wildlife & landscape

Unique Australian's wildlife & landscape

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Our tours are designed for wine enthusiasts with a genuine interest for the destination, including its iconic sites seen from a different angle, such as Great Ocean Road, Kangaroo Island, Sydney…

Australia’s wildlife has many endemic and charismatic species well worth exploring. Kangaroo Island, is a perfect haven some exciting encounters while Southern Australia features some dramatic and magnificent scenery that you will take in along the way.

Expect to see the obvious kangaroo and koala but also the exotic echidna, sea lions or the loud Cockatoo singing from the trees and more surprises along the way.


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