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Discover Mexico's best wine routes with our local experts

Discover Mexico with our local experts!

Beyond all the wonders known to all that the country has to offer, there may be one that you don't suspect.

This is undoubtedly the case with the vines that can be found in certain regions and that date back to the 16th century.

The vine pre-existed and was already used by the pre-Colombian populations to make a beverage which was then mixed with honey. But it was the Spanish conquistadors who planted new vines as early as 1521. The wine was initially intended for religious use. From Mexico City, the vineyards then developed towards the north of the country, in other regions such as Baja California.

Once upon a time, only imported wine was available in the great Mexican restaurants, but for some years now, a selection of high level Mexican wines has been systematically available. 40% of the wine consumed in Mexico comes from the national wine cellars, which means that Mexico is indeed an oenological destination.

In this trip we will take you to discover the main Mexican wineries but also to discover the rich gastronomy and culture of this beautiful country. A stay rich in experience, encounters and memories!

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Gastronomy & Wine

Gastronomy & Wine

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– Discover Mexico City: vibrant and unique, the centre of government, culture, art, gastronomy and business in Mexico.

– The magnificent colonial cities of Mexico offer exceptional landscapes and moments; the historic centres of 10 colonial cities are classified as World Heritage Sites.
– Visit the most beautiful vineyards of the Guanajuato region and Valle de Guadalupe
– Charming accommodation at every stopover.
– A one-to-one meeting with wine experts
– Visit to one of the most emblematic markets in the city of Mexico.

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The expert's advice

The expert's advice

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There are vineyards in 7 different states in Mexico (Baja California, Coahuila, Queretaro, Aguascalientes, Sonora, Zacatecas and also Durango). The climates, soil composition and exposure vary and of course the singularity of the wine varies as well.

Baja California – This is one of the regions that obtains the highest quality crops due to its climate, especially the vineyards of Ensenada. The main wineries in Baja California are : Santo Tomás, Cavas Valmar and Casa Pedro Domecq. These three wineries are known for their red wine. Santo Tomás also produces white wine.

Coahuila – In the state of Coahuila there are vineyards in three regions : Arteaga, Parras and Saltillo. For example: Casa Pedro Domecq and Casa Madero. Casa Madero is very famous and has its own wine museum where you can see the utensils needed to process the grapes. Inside Casa Madero is also the “Casa Grande” where visitors can stay; however, this house is not a traditional hotel. It is only rented to groups that occupy at least 10 rooms.

Querétaro – The two municipalities in this state with the best climate for grape production are Tequisquiapan and Ezequiel Montes. The main wineries in this state are : Cavas Atonell, Vinos Hidalgo and Freixenet de Mexico.

Aguascalientes : This is where Vitivinícola La Bordalesa and Vitivinícola Dinastía are located. It also has a wine museum.

Sonora: You could say it is the last one. Sonora is a state that has been recognised very recently for the quality of its wines.

Zacatecas : The big names in this region are the Bodegas del Altiplano and Cachola.

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Vine Secrets

Vine Secrets

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South of the Mexican border, two hours drive from San Diego (USA), at the northern tip of Baja California, the Guadalupe Valley welcomes you with its fields of vines undulating in the Mexican sun. Experts come to this wine region to taste the quality of the wines that the “Napa Valley of Mexico” has to offer thanks to its ideal Mediterranean microclimate.

In addition to its unbeatable conditions for the cultivation of red grape varieties, the Valle de Guadalupe is home to renowned culinary destinations offering refined cuisine, unexpected accommodation and a beauty that blends easily with the Italian countryside.

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