Wine Tours – Argentina

Between vines, summits, and deserts

A beautiful wine tour of Argentina starting in Buenos Aires followed by the Malbec capital, Mendoza at the foot of the Cordillera des Andes and finishing in the north-west of Argentina, home of the grape variety Torrontès …

Get a taste of Argentinean wine tourism during a wine getaway from Mendoza to Salta, capital of northwestern Argentina.

Amateurs or scholar, discover the secrets of the best Argentinian white wines and red wines: blend, biodynamic winemaking, certified organic wine, and the iconic Malbec from the Mendoza region.


This 13-day tour can easily be paired with a tailor-made trip in Argentina around Mendoza and Salta or with a few days in Patagonia. It’s a great way to add new horizons and flavours to your holiday whilst exploring the heritage of Argentinian wine.



Argentina is the country with the largest planted area of Malbec in the world, the country’s iconic grape. This variety arrived in Argentina in the mid-nineteenth century and has adapted very well to all Argentinian wine regions. It quickly began to be cultivated intensively, thanks to its health, vigor and ability to produce great wines. Today, there are many varieties of elaboration of Malbec, from young and simple wines to heavier wines after aging for many years in barrels, but also including rosés, sparkling wines and sweet wines such as port.

​Its primary aromas accentuate the touches of ripe plums, or even of mint delights the palate with elegant and round tannins.

To develop all its virtues, this variety requires an important difference in temperature between day and night, hence its development in this region located at the foot of the Andes.