Australian wine and vineyards 

Australia has become in recent years an important player in the wine industry and is now one of the largest exporters in the world.

In this huge country (14 times the size of France), you'll find a diverse wine palette. Historically, the first Australian vineyards were established in New South Wales in the 1780s before moving to the states of Victoria and South Australia.
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Winery Tours in Australia, 14 days

This tour takes in two of Australia´s wine producing regions, allowing you to meet producers while tasting their delicious different wines. The tour is designed for wine specialists but we will also show you some of Australia's most important sites, such as the Great Ocean Road, Kangaroo Island and Sydney …

"This 14-day tour is easily combined with a tailor-made holiday in Australia. These wine regions are located close to Melbourne, just a few hours away from Sydney - a great way to widen the horizons of your journey to include new flavours and explore Australia's wine heritage. "

Sémillon is a fruity and floral white grape variety originally from the Gironde region in France, mostly found in the great Sauternes and Graves wines. Sémillon grapes are cultivated in Australia (Hunter Valley) but also in Argentina, Chile and California.

When young, this grape will display touches of hazelnut, peach and acacia flowers. As it ages, it will develop dried fruit aromas: honey, mango and dried apricot. Thanks to its qualities, Sémillon is complementary to Sauvignon, adding a roundness to the palate.


Travel with Vino Mundo : 
Winery Tours in Australia, 14 days

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Wine Tours - Australia

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