Wine Tours – Istria

Croatia - Gourmet getaway in Istrie

Starting in Zagreb, discover the vineyards and hilltop villages of Istria. This discovery trip is complemented by culinary delights and gourmet offerings.

Either discover for the first time or learn more about Croatian wine with this tour from Zagreb to Pulpa, taking in the little known vineyards of Istria.

Discover the secrets of the best red and white wines: blending, biodynamic winemaking, certified organic wine, and the main grape variety of the Istrian peninsula; Istria Malvoisie (Istarska Malvazija).


This 9-day tour can easily be combined with a tailor-made holiday in the Balkans, enabling you to exploreCroatia’s wine heritage, its gastronomy and to discover a region so close and yet also so little known …


Istrian Malvasia is the endemic grape variety in the Istrian peninsula, unknown in many parts of the world. It can be found in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, where it is the most prevalent of the white grape varieties. It is related to the Malvasia Bianca Longa variety, also known as Malvasia del Chianti.