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The tannin trail in portugal

Discover or learn more about Portuguese wine during this short wine trip from Lisbon to Porto in the Douro Valley.

Discover the best kept secrets of red and white Portuguese wines: blending, biodynamic winemaking, organic certified wine, and of course the talismanic Port.


A wine tourism open itinerary, to help you discover the major wine regions of Portugal. The days are punctuated with visits and tastings and advice on the best restaurants at each stop.
As wine is a symbole of “Bon vivre”, we have selected accommodation of exceptional quality, service or originality.
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Port is the great ambassador of Portuguese wines. The grape varieties planted in the Douro region are unique because they are the only vines that are able to handle the climate. As the local saying goes: “nine months of winter and three of hell”.

The quality of this specially bred wine is governed by the IVDP (Institute of Douro and Port Wine) created in 1933, heir to the “Institucao da Companhia Geral da Agricultura das Vinhas do Alto Douro” founded in 1756 by the Marquis de Pombal.

The cellars where the Port wine is aged are located in Vila Nova de Gaia (facing the city of Porto), which since 1926 are the only warehouses for Port wines. Today some wineries have also opened in the Douro region.