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The Ethical Commitment of Terra Group

Because travel both gives and takes away, we are concerned about the impact of our activities in the countries where we operate.

We are committed to respecting certain principles in the daily work of our profession. So that tourism can be a positive force.


  • For local people

  • For the environment

  • For our clients, our partners, and our own staff.


  • Involvement of local people in tourism.

  • Fair pay for our partners and our own staff, and a results-based bonus system.

  • Granting of micro-loans, and financing of projects linked to tourism and development


  • Highlighting local cultural heritage end encouraging the perpetuation of local customs and traditional ways of life

  • Fighting against the environmental impact of tourism.

  • Funding of training specifically for our in-country staff and for our office teams.​

This commitment translates into a diverse set of concrete actions within the Terra Group agencies.