The experience of Terra’s staff made available for wine tours designed both for individuals and professionals

The Price Commitment of Terra Group

Our ambition to concretely translate our local knowledge (both in the planning phase of trips and in their running), is only consistent if it goes hand in hand with a competitive price, regardless of the level of service provided.

Our competitiveness is derived from a policy founded on two key points.

Reduce the number of intermediaries

As often as possible, we try to operate our service ourselves, without relying on intermediaries.

Restricting the number of stakeholders enables us to:

  • On the one hand, avoid a proliferation of commissions.

  • On the other hand to reduce the requirement to transmit information and this to better manage, directly and at the lowest cost, our operations.​

Foster the best conditions for negotiation

As part of our commitment to the long-term viability of our actions, we value loyalty, transparency and respect in our relationships with our local partners (guides, carriers, hotels etc.)

Beyond the fact that it goes hand in hand with our ideas on a purely human level, this approach ensures a continuous dialogue, which allows for fair negotiations taking into account the positions and competitive constraints of each party.