The experience of Terra’s staff made available for wine tours designed both for individuals and professionals

Quality Commitment of Terra Group

We never cease striving for excellence.
This is our motto and represents our state of mind.
Our demand for quality is shown daily through our actions and by the engagement of all staff within the company.


Select, Train, Evaluate

Whether in our choice of office staff or of guides and escorts, we look for people with recognised professional skills, whose profile is suited to the tasks we require them to perform.
Training (field surveys, first aid training, languages…) are regularly offered and provided to our staff, in order to help them to perfect their skills.

Regular evaluation is carried out, in order to ensure that we maintain the required level of performance.
The accommodation, restaurants and excursions that we offer are selected with great care, and regularly tested by our staff.

Satisfy, Satisfy, Satisfy

During the preparatory phase of your trip, we attach great importance to making the best possible analysis of your request, offering the services best adapted to your needs, presented with the maximum available information (text and photo), and to respond to all requests within two working days.

During the trip, we are in frequent contact with you and your guides in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly, to remedy any potential shortcomings, and to resolve and problems that may occur (late flights, loss of passports, health issues, etc.)


We Value Your Opinion

We have done this since the very start, by providing a forum for free expression, where you can tell us about your experience with Terra Group and leave comments, remarks and critiques.

In February 2013, we crossed a threshold and entrusted this task to ®. An independent company, ® collects and publishes our client’s opinions, including the score which they gave us.

This partnership ensures:

  • Genuine and impartial feedback

  • Full transparency of our approach to quality

As perfection is unattainable, we inevitably have some request for reimbursement.

We are committed to responding to each and every one of these requests, and we strive to treat them fairly, and to compensate for our shortcomings when they have been clearly identified.