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The Terra Group Security Commitment

Guaranteeing your security and those of our teams in country (guides, drivers, escorts…) is not just our responsibility, but our priority. Our commitment to this security at all times is founded on three pillars.



  • A selection of qualified, certified and authorised guides and tour operators.

  • Regular overhaul, maintenance and renewal of vehicles, specialised equipment (ropes, harnesses, life jackets…) and first aid kits.

  • Organisation of training for guides and escorts: first aid and survival training, use of hyperbaric chambers, evacuation of wounded persons…

  • Preparation for, and simulation of, emergency situations, along with regular tests of procedures for such situations.

  • Active exchange of best practices between all Terra Group agencies.



  • Advice for travellers ahead of departure (on our websites and during the planning of the trip).

  • A progressive approach to trips at high-altitude (importance placed on acclimatisation: you can find specific advice for high-altitude trips here).

  • Mandatory online registration form to be filled in by travellers in order to collect basic relevant health information (blood group, allergies, prescribed medication) and insurance details for each traveller.

  • Detailed health questionnaires for participation in high risk activities (mountaineering, diving).

  • Terra Group offers voyagers travel insurance via our partner VALEURS ASSURANCES.


  • Detailed, up to date and widely available emergency procedures in our operations centre.

  • Provision of literature for our guides and escorts in their native language: first aid, operation of hyperbaric chambers, survival training.

  • 24/7 availability of our office staff

  • Staff available and prepared to respond to any type of situation, and to coordinate emergency and evacuation operations..

  • All Terra Group agencies are required to hold civil liability insurance.