Slovenia, Travel to the heart of a preserved land

Idea of itinerary travel in Slovenia in 8 days.

Self drive from Ljubljana, to discover oenology in Slovenia. Appreciate the quality of the vineyard and the soil and discover wine estates in full development. Discover the country’s greatest vintages in the middle of the vineyards. It’s a journey of the senses to intoxicate you. As a couple or with your friends, this gastronomic journey takes you to meet different wine regions:
– Ljubljana, “greenest” European capital and its medieval town.
– The Jeruzalem vineyards and the wine route.
– Biodynamics in the Vipava vineyards.
– The Italian charm of the Goriska Brda Valley.
– Various accommodations: wine tavern, eco lodge or boutique hotel.

Suggested duration: 8 days

Theme: Food & wine

Difficulty : For all public

Visited countries: SLOVENIA

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Travelers reviews : 9,5/10

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Day 1 : Ljubljana

Welcoming at your arrival at Ljubljana Airport. Private transfer and installation at your hotel. Meeting with your guide for a private city tour to discover the Slovenian capital at your own pace and on foot for 2 hours. A walk through the pedestrian city centre and along the Ljubljanica to visit this beautiful city’s most famous spots. Throughout the walk, your guide will tell you anecdotes, legends and give you information concerning the city and the country.

-> Is there something else you want to see? This city tour is tailor-made, we can adapt it:

* to your desires of discovery by opting for such and such a museum;

* to your wish of activity: on foot, by bike, by segway, gastronomic, medieval, wine tasting, treasure hunt, etc… Ljubljana has many facets and our city tours are very varied.

[ To discover Ljubljana in video, click here ]( Meeting with your oenologist guide for 2 hours of tasting in small groups. Taste 7 of the best Slovenian wines from different wine-growing regions while learning about the history of Slovenian oenology and the essential facts of local culture in a 300-year-old wine cellar. Overnight in a 4-star charming hotel, at the heart of Ljubljana. Standard room.

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Day 2 : Ljubljana

The Wine Route and the towns along the River Drava. Immersion day in the east of the country. Visit of Maribor, the second largest city of the country, full of charm with its old town built up, then Ptuj, with a very rich historical past and situated in the region of Styria. We continue eastwards to discover Slovenian wines, which are rather unknown but full of surprises. Check-in at the hotel. Overnight in a 3-star inn/guesthouse in the vineyards. Standard room.

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Day 3 : Jeruzalem

The Slovenian Wine Route. Before exploring the local vineyards, join Ljutomer and Verzej for a walk along the Wall, home to the famous floating windmills. After that, drive to the Halozes and Jeruzalem valleys. Slovenian wines are quite unknown and they will surprise you. First of all, the landscapes between gentle hills, vineyards, sunflowers and small perched villages make the road very pleasant, like a real walk. It also passes through the commune of Ormoz. Tasting break. Tasting, in a vineyard of North-East Slovenia in Mackovci, of 5 Cru wines accompanied by local specialities including a cheese platter. Visit of the estate and viewing of a short film to retrace the history of the vineyard before the tasting. Gastronomic tasting stop. Stop in a vineyard in the wine-growing region of Jeruzalem for a sampling of 4 of their wines. Overnight in a 3-star inn/guesthouse in the vineyards. Standard room. Rental of an economical E-Class vehicle, 4/5 doors , type Renault Clio , inclusive:

* Unlimited mileage

* Manual gearbox

* 2 drivers

* Snow tires (if needed)

* Basic third party insurance. On the spot the renter will be able to propose you additional insurances if necessary.

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Day 4 : Jeruzalem

Crossing of the regions of Basse-Carniole and Carniole Blanche. The day’s drive gives you the opportunity to enjoy the hills sprinkled with rivers and covered with forests. The characteristic hay drying sheds, restored castles and small villages mark out your route. You will discover another facet of the country where slow travel makes sense, in addition to the various landmarks that will cross your path: the castles of Podcetrtek and Otocec, the old town of Novo Mesto and the Krka valley. Stop in Postojna. Arrival in the Vipava valley. Check-in at the hotel. Stop on the road for a tour of the Postojna Cave. Until 1818, visitors could only see 300 metres of the Cave. Today, you can admire more than 5 kilometres of spectacular tunnels, passages and halls. One always wonders about the interest of visiting a cave on vacation, isn’t it? Don’t think about it, this cave is full of surprises, even if the place is quite touristy. After picking up the audio guide, the cave train will take you to discover an unimaginable underground world. Audio guides available in French. Overnight in a 4-star Eco-village in the middle of the forest. Standard Bungalow.

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Day 5 : Vipava Valley

Tasting break . Stop at a biodynamic wine farm in the village of Planina, near Ajdovscina in the Vipava Valley. Tasting of 7 wines served with appetizers and visit of the cellars. This modern vineyard has made a bet on the respect of nature and ecosystems. The key to life is in harmony and balance . All the vines are on terraces and the Guyot cultivation method is used here. During pruning, the cuts are controlled, which allows the internal juices of the vines to flow out and preserves their vitality. A model of biodynamics to be discovered in this vineyard offering a magnificent view of the Vipava valley and the slopes of Nanos, Caven and the Trnovo plateau. Overnight in a 4-star Eco-village in the middle of the forest. Standard Bungalow.

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Day 6 : Piran

Vineyards by the sea. Road to Piran. On the road, visit Izola and Koper. A little jewel of the Adriatic, you will appreciate the authenticity of Piran, its dynamic character and its heterogeneous population. Visit the city’s important squares, meeting places of the inhabitants, winding alleys, Venetian houses and the Minorite monastery. A great panoramic view opens up at the top of the hill, where the church of St. George dominates the city. From this point you can see Slovenia, Croatia and Italy at the same time. Continue towards the Goriska Brda Valley and the atypical villages of Dobrovo and Smartno. Check-in at the hotel. Overnight in a 3* hotel surrounded by vineyards. Standard room.

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Day 7 : Brda Valley

Tasting break. Stop in the Goriska Brda valley, near the village of Dobrovo, in the beautiful vineyard of Klet Brda. Independent tasting of 10 different wines with explanations. This vineyard brings together 400 families, who have been working together for more than 50 years to make Slovenian wine known internationally. The viticultural practices in this area are mostly manual, with particular attention paid to the natural cycle of the grape and its different characteristics. Tasting break. Stop in the Goriska Brda valley, in the family estate Vina Ronk, situated in the small village of Vipolze just on the border with Italy, between sea and mountains. Tasting of 5 wines accompanied by appetizers, and with explanations of the creator of the wines. To cultivate the vines, the Ronk family uses the Guyot technique and carries out exclusively manual work. Overnight in a 3* hotel surrounded by vineyards. Standard room.

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Day 8 : Brda Valley

Drive to Ljubljana Airport. Check-in and boarding. Depending on your timing on the road, passing through the remarkable medieval town of Skofja Loka, whose historical centre has been a listed monument since 1987. Stroll through the city centre towards Mestni Square, and take the opportunity to visit the imposing Castle and its museum overlooking the city.

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