Untouched by the light

Recently, the Radgonske Gorice wine cellar in Slovenia launched an original concept of new sparkling wine called Untouched by Light. The motto is that the best things happen in the dark. Have no fear and follow us with your eyes closed.

Light has always intrigued people without really being able to define it. The XIXth century succeeded in unraveling the first secrets of light and in highlighting an interaction between light and matter. A. Einstein in 1905 and his annus mirabilis, allows us to propose a definition of light and to explain its interactions with the environment.

With regard to wine, and in relation to the discoveries of the past century, studies have shown that daylight or artificial lighting interacts with wine, what are commonly called light-struck aromas (taste from light).

 Precisely for this reason, the Radgonske Gorice wine cellar has decided to turn to the dark side and launch a new sparkling wine: Untouched by Light.

It all starts with the production process, where the grapes are harvested at night. The following steps, the whole process takes place in complete darkness (with night vision goggles). Then the wine is aged for two to three years in a cave in Gornja Radgona, where the light does not penetrate. Once out of the cellar, the wine is protected in an opaque black bottle and packaged in a vacuum bag impermeable to light or air.

Untouched by Light is a sparkling wine inspiration. A special night harvest, the method of processing the grapes, but above all a late wine maturation process in complete darkness – all of this is incorporated into the character of this wine. You can now taste both the wine and the fullness of its terroir. The final piece of the puzzle is the tradition of producing sparkling wine in the Radgonske Gorice winery, underpinned by in-depth knowledge and cutting-edge technology, ”said winery enologist Klavdija Topolovec Špur.

More than an experience, this is a unique wine that will catch your eye.