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I’m Pierre Boyer, the co-founder of Terra, organiser of made-to-measure trips for almost 20 years… and a lover of good quality, unfussy wines.

My experiences at Terra (who created the Vino Mundo brand), have enabled me to discover new horizons in Latin America and elsewhere in the world.

I have experienced over time, and continue to experience, many wonderful adventures through encountering exceptional people… living in Bolivia, then in Peru and in Argentina,  I have been able to reconcile my passion for travel with my new-found love of wine and the people who produce this globally loved elixir.

But why did I decide to finally bring together these two passions and start this website? What is, for me, the common thread, the hyphen, between these two fields.

Wine is, of course, a matter of soils, grape varieties, climates, and of course not least of winemakers…

In Latin America, there are some very fine examples of extreme and unusual conditions for producing wine, such as in the desert region near Atacama in the north of Chile where stubborn winemakers have achieved the impossible: growing wines in the middle of the desert and producing remarkable wine.

But wine is also a matter of sharing, and of the stories that we tell amongst friends over a glass. Like returning from a long trip… A glass of wine, beyond the technical aspects of winemaking, may stimulate conversation, recall memories of an encounter, remind us of anecdotes or animate a discussion.

In short, it’s simply pleasant to drink a nice glass of wine surrounded by our friends, because beyond what it expresses about it’s history and where it was grown, it reveals above all else our desire to experience and share moments together, to “convivir” as one would say in Spanish!

So for me, wine and travel are close cousins. They both stimulate reflection (or even meditation), sharing, and open-mindedness! Both are synonymous with well being, culture, and escapism… in this sense they are kindred!

With this website, we want to open a window onto the world of wine from foreign lands, accompanying you on your journey to overseas soils! We want you to share with you our selection of wine visits and oenological tours to destinations that we know almost by heart. Our local teams are there to share with you both their passion for their region, and for the people who live there and make wine, either by simply using native varieties or indeed by bringing together varieties from the old world. Along the course of your trips, we invite you to discover wine making techniques and cultivation that may surprise you…

Bon voyage and cheers!

VINO MUNDO, a selection of wine tours from Terra group

Vino Mundo is a collaboration between local agencies that make up the Terra Group brand’s network.

This site is aimed at wine lovers (specialist travel agencies, oenologues, winemakers, passionate amateurs, etc…) and is intended to give you a preview of the wine making regions to which we offer travel: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, South Africa, Australia.

In each of these countries, we have our own local agencies in country, with an English-speaking team at your disposal and ready to help you to prepare the wine trip that suits you. Some examples of tours run for wine professionals are available for each of these destinations.

In parallel, we offer for those travellers in search of wine growing getaways travel and holiday ideas that combine the discovery of distant lands with your passion for wine.

You can find out more about these agencies and our local teams at the following link: