Mathieu Labaki will be your guide during your stay in Cape Town where he arrived in 2004 for an oenology course in South Africa.

Mathieu Labaki Winemaker Cape Town

Having developed specific skills in the field of wine production and viniculture in Champagne, Alsace and Bordeaux in France, Mathieu Labaki fell under the charm of the South African vineyard in 2004.

As a cellar master for a major player in the export market for South African wine, Mathieu was able to combine French expertise with knowledge of South African winemaking.

He then rose to become manager of wine production whilst also working as a manager for a high-end exporter, before becoming a consultant, all whilst continuing to develop both his knowledge and affection for South African wine.

In 2014, after 10 years of experience at the heart of the vineyard, Mathieu made the decision to share his passion for wine.

He will be your wine guide during your viticultural stay in the Cape region of South Africa.